Sequoia Carpet

Quality from Innovation

Why Choose Sequoia Carpet?

Our Products

Innovation comes when someone's figured out a better way.  Sequoia Carpet offers quality through years of experience AND innovation.  

Made in the USA and utilizing the latest technology and state-of-the-art manufacturing, Sequoia Carpet features:



The ultimate in solution-dyed polyester:  Unlike topical dyed fibers, the color you see is the color of the fiber down to it's very core. Which means permanent color! Carpet resists fading from prolonged exposure to harsh sunlight and cleaners, even bleach!


Carpet is meant to be stepped on, walked on, and lived on, but that doesn't have to negatively affect its look. Our DirtDefense technology helps block dirt and soil from adhering to the carpet fibers. This helps maintain the look of your carpet by making it easy to clean. DirtDefense cuts cleaning time and helps keep your carpet looking newer, longer.  

Our Company


Sequoia Carpet is distributed by Galleher Corporation.

Founded in 1937, Galleher Corporation is headquartered in Santa Fe Springs, California. We are the oldest floor covering distributor in Southern California. Trust, honesty, and doing the right thing for the customer have secured a legacy that will last long into the future. 

Our customers and suppliers have come to expect high inventory levels, competitive pricing and great service. Our people make a difference. We are passionate about what we do and live in a culture that says YES!

Our Warranty

Sequoia Carpet is covered by several warranties including:

Lifetime Stain Resistance Limited Warranty

Lifetime Fade Resistance Limited Warranty

15-Year Soil Resistance Limited Warranty

10-Year Abrasive Wear Resistance Limited Warranty

5 to 10-Year Texture Retention Limited Warranty

10-Year Manufacturing Defects Limited Warranty

To learn more about our warranties please visit our Technical page.

Our Conscience


A Green Story:  Our manufacturing processes allow us to conserve energy while using 50% less oil than piece-dyed nylon*. Millions of gallons of water are saved each year simply because our processes don't require it. 


Sequoia Carpet abides by the California Carpet Stewardship Law AB 2398. The carpet stewardship law is designed to help aid carpet recycling efforts in the state of California. This law helps divert post-consumer carpet from landfills and promotes recycling instead. Sequoia Carpet is proud to take part in this environmental effort and advocate for the growth of products made from post–consumer carpets. So how does this affect our customers? The carpet stewardship law requires carpet manufacturers to add an assessment fee of $0.05 per square yard to the purchase price of all carpet sold in California. Carpet distributors, dealers and retailers must then pass this fee on to customers. We identify this fee on all carpet invoices. Retailers then pay for this fee through regular invoices.